If you have been a avid user of WordPress then you will no doubt be familiar with the login screen in the admin area. In the majority of sites that use WordPress, you will often see the default logo when you login to edit your site. If you choose to customise your login screen with your own site logo, then this can bring a personal touch to the site, and if you open the site up to other users this can provide some familiarity to the login screen and provide a sense of security when you login. Let me show you how to customise the login logo?

Upload your logo to WordPress

Now there are number of different approaches you can take to add your logo to your WordPress install, as all we need is a accessible place on the web to store the logo. in this tutorial we are going to store the logo within the WordPress install by using the built in Media Uploader. The image needs to be 80px x 80px which is the same size as as the default image.

Upload your logo using the Media Uploader and locate the image within the media library, then click the edit link. You should see the following on the right of your screen.


Do you notice the file url? This is the full link to your logo. You will need this later.

Lets add some code.

Now we need to add the necessary code to your functions.php file, it is good practice to create a plugin to add this code to your website as these changes may be lost when you change themes, but for simplicity we are going to add this to the functions.php. Be sure to add this to any future themes if you wish to keep this change.

Add the following code to the functions.php file.

function my_custom_login_logo() {
<style type="text/css">
.login h1 a {
background-image:url(add your image here) !important;

add_action('login_head', 'my_custom_login_logo');

Do you remember that file url I told you about earlier? You know need to copy this and add this to the above code where it says “add your image here”. What this code does, is to replace the login background image with your own image.

Save the file and upload it to your WordPress install. You should now see your image on the login screen after a browser refresh.

With this simple addition to your site you have created a personal touch to your site and created a more familiar login environment for your users. Once a user recognises the logo, this will give extra assurance that they are logging on to the correct site.

I hope you find this useful and please leave your comments below.

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