I can build a website was started to help improve the quality of self built websites  on the web. A business owner may often decide to build their own website instead of hiring a web designer, but may often find this confusing or difficult the navigate the minefield that is building a website. This site is here to help, educate and communicate.

So who am I?

This site is developed and curated by Mike Chesworth, a Website Designer based in the UK. I have been building websites for around 20 years, both personally and professionally. I have always had a passion for web design ever since building my first website in notepad, but my other passion is to teach and to help people learn.
I created this website to help people on their way to getting their own website, which can not only help the website owner themselves, but can help Web Designers to have more knowledgeable clients. This website will offer tutorials, videos, articles and useful resources.

Guest posts.

I accept guest posts on this site, but unfortunately I would be unable to pay you as this is a new site that is being established. if you decide to submit a guest post, then I will be able to promote you on this site and the associated Social Media Feeds. You must have examples of posts that you have written for both your own sites and other posts that you have guest posted. I keep the right to refuse a guest post at any time. If you wish to submit a guest post please get in touch using the Contact Form